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If you have any trouble at all please let us know.

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Once downloaded, your Blackberry® should offer to install TaskJot. That's all you need for the trial version. You do not need a license key to run the trial version. Just escape past the activation dialog.

If you are using a Storm, make sure compatibility mode is turned OFF for TaskJot:

  1. Go to your BlackBerry's Options » Advanced Options » Applications.
  2. Select TaskJot from the list.
  3. Hit the BlackBerry Menu Key and select Disable Compatibility Mode.


Once you receive a license key after purchasing TaskJot, you enter your activation email address and license key in the activation dialog. Once you do that, TaskJot is activated. If you upgrade your device or change devices, the process is the same. Your license travels with you in case you upgrade.


Below are the release notes for TaskJot. You can upgrade to the latest release at any time by downloading from the same location of your original download. If for any reason you have a problem with a new release, we also maintain all the old releases. If you would like to downgrade, just let us know and we'll send you a link.

Release Notes

TaskJot updates and improvements are made continuously based on user feedback, planned improvements and fixes. Releases of these updates are included in your purchased TaskJot license for your version. Below is a log of changes.

Most recent updates are listed first. You can check your installed version of TaskJot the Settings screen. To upgrade, download the new version using the above link.

Please report any and all feature requests and bugs so that we can continue to improve TaskJot.

Date Version Description
April 21, 2011 2.3.0 New Features
  • Added ability to toggle completed tasks within search results
  • Added button to Advanced menu to resync all data from Toodledo
Bug Fix
  • Fixed tag list layout issues on devices with large fonts
March 25, 2011 2.2.4 New Feature
  • You can now force a default connection type via Menu->Settings->Connections. Click an available connection to make it the default, clear the Connection String field to unset.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bug related to setting Start Date on existing tasks
  • Fixed shortcut behavior in Context/Folder/Goal views
  • Made improvements to connection logic
January 3, 2011 2.1.0 New Feature
  • Added ability to configure default Due/Start dates for new tasks
December 30, 2010 2.0.8 Bug Fix
  • Fix to update checker connection logic
December 30, 2010 2.0.6 Bug Fixes
  • Fixed rare BIS connection issue
  • Fixed update checker returning current version after upgrade
December 29, 2010 2.0.2 Minor Update
  • Fixed home screen launch shortcut
December 29, 2010 2.0.0 New Features
  • Tag Support - View your tasks by tag!
  • Alerts - Be reminded when your tasks are Due!
  • Search now searches ALL tasks in Title, Tags, and Note fields.
  • Settings are broken down into easier to find categories now.
  • You can Enable/Disable fields in TaskView in case you don't use them all - no need to see them.
  • Email the current list of tasks
  • Hide tasks with future due dates is now decoupled from Toodledo - added "always" to the list of options.
  • New view for due today and overdue tasks.
  • New "Show Starred" view to show you all of your starred tasks.
  • New due date and due time interface in the Task view. Those old check boxes were ugly so we improved it.
  • Recognize hyperlinks and phone numbers in titles and notes fields.
  • Added task length/duration field.
  • Added due date modifier field - Due By, Due On, Due After, Optional
  • Added shortcut to switch between subtask glob/floating mode.
  • Added a new option to disable exit confirmation.
  • Contexts, Folders, and Goals are now sorted in drop-down menus.
  • Select by first letter in context, folder, and goal lists.
  • Advance the due date by using numbers 1-9 in any task list. 1 advances the due date 1 day, 2 two days, etc.
  • New sort options, sort by Toodledo Importance or Alphabetically
Bug Fixes
  • New connection management logic
  • Fixed bug where the selected task is incorrect or unexpected after changing the task in the task list.
  • Fixed task timer field to work properly.
  • Hide Archived Folders and Goals in the Folders and Goals list screens
  • Many more minor fixes...
June 28, 2010 1.0.5 Minor Change
  • Removing build number from version mainly because we have changed revision control systems and a build number is no longer the best option.
  • Minor changes to demo mode logic from
January 1, 2010 Bug Fixes
  • Due date and time are auto-enabled if changed in the task view.
  • Tasks with advanced repeating options would cause TaskJot to crash. This has been patched.
  • Fixed bug where all subtasks were not properly being deleted in Toodledo when a parent task was deleted in TaskJot.
  • Fixed bug where TaskJot would continue to try to delete a task on Toodledo even if a Toodledo error was returned indicating the task did not exist.
  • Improved connection error handling which should improve battery performance in some circumstances.
Sept 7, 2009 BIS-B support added. Many people have reported success but please try the free trial prior to purchasing.
Aug 27, 2009 Network Stability Patch TaskJot was having trouble riding out network error conditions on API calls. Almost all wireless networks present errors at some point while communicating so this improvement should help many users.
Aug 22, 2009 Bug Fixes
  • We think the null pointer bug is fixed.
  • Folder, Goal, and Context details show up on all devices, no matter what due date your task has.
  • Creating two new tasks, forming a sub-task relationship between them, and syncing now works properly in sequence.
  • More network communication has been moved to a background thread so TaskJot should not lock up your device if it has trouble connecting.
  • Network communication and sync remain our two highest priority and error-prone areas of focus in TaskJot. We are hoping to add BIS-B as a connectivity option in the next release which should greatly improve communications issues we hope.
General Improvements
  • New Jot View - Save almost any view in TaskJot as your Jot View. Go back to your Jot View using the 'J' key. The Jot View is also the default view when you open TaskJot.
  • New Statuses View - We have added a new statuses view similar to context, folders, and goals. Now you can see how many tasks are associated with a status in the list and then filter your list based on the status. For example, see all of your tasks with status "Next Action", or "Planning"
  • New Date/Time Display Formats - There are now many more options for displaying your date and time formats in TaskJot to include some with the day of the week included. Change your format in the Settings screen.
  • New Escape Key Behavior - Using the escape key is now more intuitive, taking you to your previous view in most cases.
Context, Folder, Goal, and Status Lists
  • Counts Added - Now, see how many tasks are associated with a context, folder, goal, or status at a glance without filtering on them first.
  • None Added - In addition to seeing how many tasks are associated with a context, folder, goal, or status, see how many tasks have none set.
  • Alphabetical Sort - Contexts, Folders, and Goals are now sorted alphabetically in their lists.
Task List View
  • Mark Complete - Mark complete has been changed to toggle complete. You can mark and unmark tasks as complete using the same shortcut.
  • Task Start Dates - Tasks with future start dates are now hidden by default. Override this behavior in settings.
  • Email a Task - Send your task to someone via Email
  • New Sort Options - Star, Priority, Due Date and Star, Due Date, Priority were added. Enable them in settings.
  • Subtask Features - All subtasks are shown under a task. They are subdued if they do not match the current view filter. Turn on/off subtasks with the 'S' shortcut key. (Force sync was moved to 'Alt + S')
Task Detail View
  • New Menu Items - Save, Delete, and Email
  • Fields are more readable now when highlighted.
Aug 4, 2009 New Feature - Additional Language Support! We tested spanish but believe others may also work. Download, try it out, and let us know! We only have the spanish encoding on our phones in our region.
Fix - For those with MDS available, a dialog would ask when you start TaskJot if you want to disable MDS in TaskJot. That now only appears the first time you run TaskJot and the setting can be changed in the settings screen.
Fix - We altered the activation screen slightly to try to emphasize that it is the activation screen, not a login screen.
Aug 2, 2009 Feature adjustments.
Aug 1, 2009 Bug patch in moving sub-tasks logic.
Aug 1, 2009 Added customizable subtask sort promotion options. Do you want tasks pushed to the top if their sub-tasks have high priority? If so, go to settings and make it happen. The default is to consider due date only within subtasks when sorting the whole list. Applies to Pro and up versions.
Aug 1, 2009 First Release
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Looking for the previous version of TaskJot? The link for TaskJot Version 1.0.5 is below:

Download - TaskJot v1.0.5

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TaskJot will work for most BlackBerry SmartPhones running OS 4.5.0 or higher. Please try the free trial to be sure your device and configuration will work. If you have any trouble with the trial, please contact us.

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