Features and Capabilities

TaskJot is the ToDo list that travels with you.

Not only does TaskJot travel with you, it automatically syncs with your Toodledo.com account! That means time savings every single day for you! Read on to get a summary of the features of TaskJot. For a version comparison, click here.

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Toodledo.com Sync

TaskJot was built specifically to sync with Toodledo.com. This integration allows you to use all the wonderful features of Toodledo online and take your tasks with you on the go also. Its all automatic.

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Tasks Screen

The tasks screen shows you a summary of each task and has many different options for sorting and arranging your tasks.

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Task View

The task view screen gives you the details of your task. TaskJot supports most fields used in Toodledo online.

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Contexts, Folders, Goals

Associating each task with a context, folder, or goal will keep your tasks more organized and easier for you to work with. TaskJot allows you to create, edit and delete custom contexts, folders, and goals.

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TaskJot has a special hotlist view that matches your hotlist on Toodledo.com. The list shows you tasks that are due soon and have a high priority.

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For most Blackberry® devices, shortcut keys are essential. TaskJot has shortcut keys for almost everything. It also has a handy reference included in case you forget them.

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Sorting and Searching

Choose the sorting option that works best for you! Every view of your tasks will use the sorting rules you prefer. If you need to find a task, use the search tool.

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Menu Options

TaskJot is stacked full of options. The best part is its only on version 1 so it will continue to get better and more feature rich over time.

Download it and try it yourself!

TaskJot Compatibility

Will TaskJot work for my Blackberry?

TaskJot will work for most BlackBerry SmartPhones running OS 4.5.0 or higher. Please try the free trial to be sure your device and configuration will work. If you have any trouble with the trial, please contact us.

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What our Customers are Saying?

The worth of TaskJot Today to myself is....priceless. Thanks again to you and your team for all the hard work and dedication to the development.

Guy Matthews, NY

Very rarely is a feature-rich program like Toodledo boiled down into such a clean and usable phone app -- while maintaining its power and versatility. Taskjot clearly was designed by developers who not only know code but how to get things done -- and superbly.

Alan Schwarz
New York, NY

You have put together an excellent application. When I received an email a few days ago for Taskjot, I was very anxious to purchase it. The program is fantastic and the Customer Service is second to none. Thank you!

Ron Bernier
Woonsocket, RI

This is one of the most polished pieces of software for the Blackberry I have used. You have done an excellent job.

Jonathan Guilbault

I was searching for the best "To Do" list application for my Blackberry and TaskJot is it. Wherever I am, on the Blackberry or the Internet, I can view my task lists sorted or filtered in any order I need. A great program!! Thanks, Fieldstone.

Steve Brill
New York, NY

You will use TaskJot every single day to get more done! Give it a Try